What is Support Norfolk?

Support Norfolk is a not-for-profit community project set up and run by the team behind Example Marketing and Web Design in partnership with Nettl.

Support Norfolk is proud to be supported by Buy Local Norfolk, a social enterprise that we have been a member of for as long as we’ve been in business.

We wanted to do something to help

We have friends who are putting themselves at risk every day to help others during the coronavirus pandemic – doctors, teachers, retail workers, delivery drivers – whilst we just sit at home, safe and sound, waiting it out. That doesn’t always sit well.

We also have friends who are small business owners, like ourselves, who are trying their hardest to keep everything afloat as their places of work are closed down, their events are cancelled and their customers have disappeared. It’s a scary place to be.

But being in business is often about adapting to adversity. And all around us, businesses are doing that admirably, displaying ingenuity, courage and kindness.

That got us thinking – what could we do with the skills we have to help?

The power of a network

Example Marketing is an independent business, but we’re part of a network called Nettl. It connects us with lots of other businesses doing similar things to us, and trying to solve the same conundrums.

Our Nettl colleagues in Dublin came up with supportdublin.com. We thought it was a fantastic idea, so we decided to launch the same initiative here in Norfolk.

Building and maintaining a website is something we CAN do. Getting behind local businesses is definitely something we can, and do, do. It’s the perfect way for us to do our bit to help.

We hope businesses get on board!

We’re doing our best to spread the word about Support Norfolk locally to get as many businesses involved as possible. We hope you will help us. That way, we hope it will quickly become a useful resource for everyone in the local community.

We have no idea how long Support Norfolk will be here, because none of us know how long we’ll be in this tricky situation. But for as long as we’re all in this very bizarre boat, it’s a resource that’s here to support owners of Norfolk businesses large and small.